Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a note about upcycled/recycled wool cloth diaper covers

recently i decided to make a bunch of upcycled wool cloth diaper covers. usually it comes from the fact that i pull a 100% wool sweater out of the dryer [that hopefully doesn't belong to me] and realize, "well, at least i can make something useful from it." that's exactly how it happened this time. i accidentally shrunk one of my boyfriend's beautiful grey striped j. crew merino wool sweaters. so i took a trip to the salvation army and look for other wool sweaters. i typically look for ones that are past the point of anyone purchasing for being worn: ones with holes in them, ones that have already been felted, etc. i try to find ones with neat designs on them, and always look for the softest wool possible.

i've added doublers to most of these wool soakers, which allow you to customize absorbency/protection. they're perfect for nap time and night time, and when you're using them during the day, you can leave them out. there aren't any snaps, so you're able to position them exactly where you want them.

speaking of upcycled: there's a really cute fitted diaper up for sale right now as well. it's made from an octopus print on navy blue. it's knit, and very stretchy. it's a regular side snapping fitted, serged in red, finished in red snaps. made from cotton sherpa and cotton velour. it's probably one of my favorite fitted diapers that i have listed right now. size medium.

last but not least - i've listed a second. it's a one size fitted cloth diaper with two small holes on the front. theyve been stitched up so they won't fray at all. this diaper will work perfectly fine and it's only $8!

oh, and don't forget: all wet/dry bags are 30% off right now! no coupon code to enter. all of the prices have been adjusted on etsy. there are some great medium and small bags up for grabs. they're perfect utility bags. not just for cloth diapering, but great laundry bags, play date bags, etc.

Friday, October 22, 2010

this is exciting.

on monday 10/25, i'll be stocking etsy with two totally brand new products. i really wanted to start stocking some print all in ones in the store, and to prevent wicking, the best ones to use are quick dry all in ones [QDAIO]. also, i wanted them to be newborn size. well, the only problem with newborn diapers is that babies grow out of them so quickly! so i developed a 2 size diapering system for quick dry all in ones [we'll see how it does and if i make other style diapers in this way]. pictured below is a newborn QDAIO snapped down for the NB size. the next photo is the size 1 diaper snapped up into the small position. it has a nice long rise, is trim between the legs and the soaker shape has been changed to reduce bulk.

i will also be making these in a size 2, which will be a medium/trim long. pictures will follow soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

upcycled and newborn fitted diapers stocked!

hi everyone! just stocked some really cute newborn fitteds [these are esbasics, thus the reduced price] and some great upcycled diapers. check them out! also, i will very likely be moving everything over to hyena cart as to get the word out a little more. hope you're all enjoying the new things being stocked. i plan on getting some more things up in the very near future. some non-fitted diapers. probably some AIOs. keep an eye out here and please sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of my storefront page.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

first set of esbasic organics stocked!

hello everyone! i just stocked etsy with the first set of small organic esbasic sets. the next two sets will be boy and girl colors and are pretty much finished. i just have to take pictures and get them up. should be within the next day or so. any organic diaper comes with a black size tag, so when they're purchased, you'll know it's an all organic diaper. this will help those of you who re-sell your diapers.

i've also stocked a bunch of medium long diapers with awesome prints. they're mostly all organic, and have been reduced from the regular retail price. the reson i chose to make medium longs is because they're likely the diaper that will last longest when it comes to sized diapers. when unstretched they fit like a medium, and will fit all the way up to a large [rise-wise]. and as with most of my diapers, the wings are long enough to last through every size.

lastly, i'm currently closed for customs as i'm working on stocking the store with more products. i will, however, take large custom orders [meaning six items or more]. so feel free to contact me through email if you have a special request. be aware, though, that i am working on some larger side orders now, so there will be a time frame for each order, which i can give you should you decide to place one.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

bag posted on etsy

remember when i posted about making a bag that could possibly be the most hideous bag imaginable? well, it's finally posted on etsy. yes, it's big. is it ugly? not sure. i think i might love it a little.

in other news, i'm still closed for customs and about to stock some esorganic sets. if you're interested in placing large orders, i will likely take those, but at this time i'm focusing on getting the store all stocked up.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

closed for customs & stocking #1 {the common touch}

hi all!

i'm working on finishing up a couple of customs orders, then taking a "break" to work on stocking my etsy store. i'd really like it fill it up with a wide range of products, sizes, fabrics, etc. maybe some specialty items like fall clothing/diaper sets, bags and things of that nature. each stocking will be announced on twitter and facebook. but for those of you who are subscribed to my newsletter, not only will you be the first to know when i stock, there will also ALWAYS be a discount code of some sort with each newsletter. so please be sure to be sign up at the bottom of my shop page.

each stocking will be numbered and named. mostly because i like naming things. i will be updating this blog regularly. at least once a week, if not more. i'm even putting it on my ical right now, so i don't forget. i'd like to get a great range of products out there, so you guys can try things you haven't tried before without the wait for customs.

i stocked a few things yesterday, though the newsletter for this stocking will come out monday, when people are back to work and back to their computers. these items have been stocked and are in the etsy store.

i'll also be offering large custom orders in these stockings. typically for sets of diapers of 10 or more. that way people who really want to stock up, can "buy" a slot and be assured they'll get exactly what they want of the amount of diapers, etc, that they want.

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

esorganic basic sets! and still open for customs

i hope august is treating everyone well! i'm happy to be able to offer esorganic basic sets now. these sets are just like the regular esbasic sets, except they're made from all organic materials. they can be ordered on a custom basis right here. i am also open for everything else still. i'm running at about 2 weeks for turnaround time, but i am catching up really fast, so orders will start moving out more quickly. if you have any questions regarding anything: customs, instock, etc - please email me.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

a hobo/chic/hideously ugly/but still at the same time, incredibly awesome bag

i'm working on a new bag right now. no patterns, no nothing. just whatever comes out of my head and on to the fabric - keeping some measurements in mind. you will love this bag. why? because it's a perfect weekender bag. it's the perfect bag if you have two kids in diapers and are going out for the day. heck, you could probably fit two small children in this bag. great for markets, grocery shopping [especially if you want to take everything in your house at once], babies, and the like.

and besides, this is going to be the coolest looking diaper bag/grocery bag/whatever bag anyone has ever seen. well, maybe not. but it's definitely original and it's definitely big. and it will definitely be for sale next week.

oh, and it has a zippered top and tons of pockets and such. just as most of my other bags do.

are you sold yet? probably won't be making another one of these unless some really great fabric comes along, at a really great price.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hyena cart stocking today!

today at noon a bunch of one size diaper cover/fitted sets will be going up for sale on hyena cart! these sets cost less than what they would if you were to buy each item separately. there are also a bunch of wet/dry bags in all sorts of special prints that'll be going on sale as well.

we'll be opening for customs again soon, but right now we're still working on a new product. below is a picture of me working on it. we're pretty excited to get them out!

Friday, May 14, 2010

open for customs!

hi everyone! we will be open for customs from today until wednesday may 19th, so if you want to get your orders in, do it now. even if you can't pay right away, that's ok. i won't start your order until payment is received. that said, customs CAN take up to three weeks to finish. please expect this amount of time for these orders, as we're still working really hard on a new line of awesome products. also, i will be stocking some great new wet/dry bags and one size diaper/cover sets next week [probably monday]. i am not offering wetbags as customs this time around because i'll be stocking so many in my instock store next week. i will be closing for customs wednesday night and won't reopen until the beginning of june. maybe sooner if things go smoothly.



Monday, April 12, 2010

wipes. and aleve

morgan's desk. i've over taken it with 185 cloth wipes. but they sure are pretty.

i also made this the other day. anyone want to send me a chest measurement for a 12-18m old girl?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

new new new

we're closing for custom orders until the beginning of may. we're getting some orders finished up, some wholesale orders finished up AND are working on some amazing new things we'll be offering in the store very soon. i'm pretty excited about these because i'm pretty sure they're something all you handmade, etsy-loving, photog, art people are going to love. and they're baby related. yay! so stay tuned, and if you haven't done already please please please sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of my shop page.

happy spring everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

one size true all in ones stocked!

we just stocked some one-size true all in ones in our etsy shop!

also stocked a couple of wet/dry bags. i'll be getting more up in the coming days.

what's the difference between a true all in one and a quick dry all in one?

a true all in one is made exactly like a fitted diaper, but it has a layer of waterproof PUL on the outside, making it as easy to use as a disposable. my true all in ones are made with an outer layer of PUL, a hidden layer of cotton sherpa, which is topped with cotton velour. then comes with the traditional quick-dry soaker. [these are better for naptime, nighttime, outings, etc]

a quick dry all in one is just a shell of PUL and microfleece, plus a thicker quick-dry soaker. these take less time to dry in the dryer, thus the name. [a good daytime diaper]

you can see the difference between these two photos. the quick dry all in one is lined with microfleece and comes with the double soaker. the true all in one is lined with sherpa/velour and comes with the double soaker. [only one size diapers come with two separate soakers].

Saturday, February 13, 2010

now offering wet/dry bags!

we're now offering wet/dry bags. i'll get some stocked in the coming days in different sizes. this is an example of a small wet/dry bag. it offers an outer pocket for keeping clean items in, while the attached wetbag is for dirty items. the series of photos below shows how a 14 inch postpartum pad can still fit into a small wetbag. and as with all of our wetbags, i sew these at the top of the bag, to prevent wicking/leaking through the side seams. no need to worry about your dry, clean items getting wet. they also all come with a matching handle for hanging.

front and back of bag

dry pocket open

14" postpartum cloth pad [the largest size we offer], on top of bag for size comparison

wetbag opened

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

side snapping OS QDAIOS

these are some great color combos that a customer picked out, so i thought i'd post some pics of them. raspberry PUL with brown micro, aqua PUL with grey inner and dark brown PUL with ivory micro. side snapping OS QDAIOs come each come with two soakers. a small and large, so you're able to customize your absorbency in the larger sizes. the small soaker is specifically for the diaper when it's set on the smaller settings. they are 5 layers soakers, for maximum absorbency.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

some cloth pad pics

someone placed an order for 7 complete sets of cloth pads, with holders and snap-in liners. the liners are hemp and the holders are waterproof PUL. below are some pictures. also, there are still some $15 OS AIOs available in my hyena cart store!