Tuesday, September 28, 2010

first set of esbasic organics stocked!

hello everyone! i just stocked etsy with the first set of small organic esbasic sets. the next two sets will be boy and girl colors and are pretty much finished. i just have to take pictures and get them up. should be within the next day or so. any organic diaper comes with a black size tag, so when they're purchased, you'll know it's an all organic diaper. this will help those of you who re-sell your diapers.

i've also stocked a bunch of medium long diapers with awesome prints. they're mostly all organic, and have been reduced from the regular retail price. the reson i chose to make medium longs is because they're likely the diaper that will last longest when it comes to sized diapers. when unstretched they fit like a medium, and will fit all the way up to a large [rise-wise]. and as with most of my diapers, the wings are long enough to last through every size.

lastly, i'm currently closed for customs as i'm working on stocking the store with more products. i will, however, take large custom orders [meaning six items or more]. so feel free to contact me through email if you have a special request. be aware, though, that i am working on some larger side orders now, so there will be a time frame for each order, which i can give you should you decide to place one.


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