Friday, August 28, 2009

all in twos stocked!

i just stocked a bunch of all in twos! 3 in each size: medium, medium long and large. boy and girl prints/color combinations. threw some wipes in there as well.

i made an update to the pattern as well. first off, the snap-in/removable diaper now snaps in the back AND the front, which i figured would be better for walking/moving babies.

here's a large all in one snap-in diaper:

snap-in diaper snapped into the back of the cover:

snap-in diaper being snapped into the front of the cover:

front soaker positioning snaps:

all in two all snapped up:

in the medium longs and larges, i made the snap-in diapers with two positions for the snap-in soaker. it can be snapped in the front or the back, depending on preference. in testing for our one-size diaper, i had a lot of positive feedback about the front positioning of the soaker, so i'll be carrying this option through with all of my diapers from now on. the mediums listed on etsy only have the back positioning for the soaker, as i made the change after i made these diapers.

one size diapers are coming soon!


  1. These are A D O R A B L E ! Great job and I wish I could sew like that!