Monday, November 23, 2009

update on store stocking and a special donation!

hello everyone!

i know our instock store is looking a little sparse right now, but we've been so busy working on orders, we haven't had the chance to restock.

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i've been pretty bad at taking order pictures to post, but i'll definitely try to get some good pictures of the current orders we're working on.

next stocking will be sets in most sizes of our esbasic covers. priced as sets, these covers are cheaper than most covers in the market right now. same with our esbasic sets of diapers - including the one that's in my etsy store. they're even priced cheaper than kissaluvs! and the covers aren't just one layer of PUL. they're two layers of PUL, shiny side away from your baby, and are bound in colorful super-soft foldover elastic. we're still offering 2 small sets of three pick your color covers right now. they all come with a small pocket in the front - great for placing prefolds in.

esbasic small covers

if you haven't done so already, please sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of esbaby's custom store page. there's a box at the bottom that says 'newsletter sign-up'. just enter your address and click, and you'll be added to my database. i will be sending out some coupon codes in the near future for instock discounts. i'd like to clear out the store a little to make way for some new products. mostly our one size quick dry all in ones - side AND front snapping. and some new covers [how do we feel about gussets?]

lastly, but not least, esbaby is donating enough diapers and covers to a local program called "starting together" to help three local families cloth diaper their babies. we purchased snappis, infant and regular prefolds [45 pounds worth!] and enough covers to keep their babies in cloth from newborn to potty learning. i'm prepping the prefolds as i type this, and the diapers/covers will be ready to go out next month. esbaby is also donating some 2 size covers as well [a pattern i'm working on currently]. if you have any used diapers or covers that you'd like to part with, and want to send them this way, i would be more than happy to pass them on to starting together. please contact me at christine!@! for more info. for the next two weeks i am offering a special promotion - for every donation you send me, i will give you a free shipping code, good on instock and custom orders in my store. offer ends december 7th.they more cloth they receive, the better. that way, more families will be able to put their babies in cloth - saving them money, and our landfills from disposable diaper waste. don't worry if diapers need repairs - i can easily make repairs to diapers that need them.

starting together is a very important program to me. when i became pregnant with my daughter at the age of 18, i enrolled in the program. a family support worker started making weekly visits to my house, while i was pregnant to discuss what to expect when it came to childbirth, breastfeeding, etc. she was also very helpful in advocating for me when my daughter was born 5 weeks early and was in the NICU in syracuse, ny. she helped me make the contacts i needed to obtain a breast pump, and was there for me emotionally, which was extremely helpful being a young single mother. my family support worker visited me on a weekly basis until my daughter was three - and when i got pregnant with my son, i started seeing her again. through her i spread the word about cloth diapering, and when i worked as a chapter for miracle diapers, we were able to supply some families in the program with cloth. it felt great to give back to a program that helped me and my children so much. and i hope some of you out there will be willing to pass something along as well! [local moms- i will pick up any donations/ moms who i've given free diapers to in the past - it would be great if you could re-donate those diapers either back to me or another family in need please!]

thanks for reading and enjoy your thanksgiving week!


  1. I love it! I've never heard of this program. I'm originally from Syr. I will read on in the link you provided and learn more about this resource. I will also keep it in mind when my kiddos out grow their CDs.

  2. community action is based out madison county and serves madison county only, i believe. that's where i grew up and lived until recently. there is a similar program in onondaga county, i think, but i don't know much about it. i'm hoping that by adding cloth diapers to their program, it will serve as a model for other non-profit agencies who help low-income families to start offering cloth as well.