Tuesday, November 10, 2009

one-size diapers stocked!

just posted a bunch of one-size diapers in new prints, girl and boy alike!

we're still working on getting some one size quick dry all in ones out. i'm in the process of testing the side-snapping pattern, and the front snapping pattern is pretty much done with testing. we'll be releasing those soon.

if you haven't done so already, please go to my shop and sign up for my newsletter. the sign-up box is at the very bottom of the page. i send out coupon codes, shop updates and things of that nature on a bi-weekly/sometimes monthly basis [depending on how busy we are].

also, these diapers come with the additional snaps on the small soaker so that a doubler can be snapped into it. doublers are optional and cost $2. if you want to purchase a doubler for your small soaker, please email me or convo me on etsy. below is a picture of a small soaker with the 3 layer sherpa doubler snapped into it. also, if you place a custom order for a one-size diaper, the small soaker now comes with those snaps as well.

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