Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the new esfitted and etsy is stocked

hello everyone!

first off, i've made a pattern change to our esfitteds. they're now trimmer than they were before, without sacrificing the absorbency. they're constructed of an outer print, a hidden layer of fluffy cotton sherpa, which is then topped with a layer of cotton velour. the velour is what will touch your baby's skin. the quick-dry soaker is made of 4 layers of sherpa and then topped with another layer of cotton velour. the organic diapers are made in the same way, except the velour is organic bamboo velour. so you get a diaper that is lined with OBV every time you purchase an esorganic diaper.

i've changed the wings on the front snapping diapers so they're thinner. i simply took the patter from my covers and altered them slightly to get them to work on the fitteds. front snapping diapers have a longer row of snaps across the front, and the wings have an additional hip snap to prevent sagging and drooping. and as it's always been with all of my diapers, the snaps are hidden away from your baby's skin. there picture below shows the hip snap and longer row of snaps.

and last, but certainly not least, i've stocked my etsy/instock store with a bunch of different things. dress sets, diaper bags, wetbags, AIOs, fitteds, covers and pads. if you order multiple items and want a better combined shipping total, email me and let me know and i can invoice you for it through paypal.

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