Tuesday, June 2, 2009

esbasics change

lots of changes over here at esbaby it seems. i've been meaning to post about this for a while, but haven't had the chance. i've really been torn about the esbasics because i need to make them time/cost effective for me to do and i've had some people ask me about customs or when i'll be stocking more, so i've decided to do them this way.

-they're going to run $10 for nb/sm and $12 for med/large as instock items

-i will offer them on a custom basis with a price break if ordering more than 2 dozen total [the 24 does not have to be all in the same size. they can be 12 smalls, 12 mediums, etc.] and i will only be offering them on a custom basis in multiples of 12. so in order to get a custom esbasic order, you have to at least order 12.

-they will now be made with 2 layers in the body [sherpa and cotton velour] and 4 layers in the soaker [sherpa and topped with cotton velour]

and who knows, i may even get around to making a dozen here or there for my instock store and include a price break.

they're now available for order in this way on my site.

final price does not include shipping. shipping will be based on location and weight of the package. turn around time may run closer to the 4-6 week mark for bigger orders. we will discuss the details: quantity, sizes, colors, snap placement, etc through email and i will invoice you through paypal for these orders.

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