Tuesday, June 16, 2009

july, july

so this month [except for the beginning of the month] has been a little humdrum here at esbaby. i know i haven't stocked the instock store nearly as much as i have wanted to, but i blame that on getting my custom orders out in a timely fashion. but that will soon change. customs will still be out in a timely fashion, of course, but i'm going to go into overhaul this next week and start pumping out some major merch for the instock store.

things i plan to do in july:

more cute/awesome boy prints. i'm working on it. i promise.

make the instock switch from my etsy store to my actual website at esbaby.net. i love etsy just as much as the next person [its clean design and easy checkout - and really, i'm totally etsy obsessed], but i don't love the fees that come with it. and in order to keep my prices low i need to make the switch. so next month [i'll announce when it happens] my site will be geared up for instock items. there will be a separate button to place custom orders if people want. it just seems to me that people aren't into customs as they once were, but i could be totally wrong about that. so i'll definitely still offer them, but in a slighty different, and hopefully less confusing way.

one-size diaper pattern. i'm definitely going to start working on getting a pattern together. nothing is going to change when it comes to my other products, this will simply be added to the things i already offer. i realize that these days people are looking for one-size diapers because they want to make one investment in the beginning of their diapering days, and let it carry them through potty learning. with us, we were never one-size diaper fans. my son was in mediums from 6mos to about 3years, until the rise started getting a little low. then we had a few medium longs. so my allegiance, for the most part, has always been with sized diapers. but to tell you the truth, i'm pretty excited to tackle something i've never tackled before. coming up with a new diaper pattern that will fit from size small through large. something trim and absorbent, something i can offer with lower cost non-organic materials, and something i can also offer organic sustainable materials in. something for everyone. there will be more details on this as i start working on it. i'll be calling for testers, so watch my twitter account, here and facebook. i'll probably need 10-12 testers, and we will work very closely together to get an esbaby one-size diaper out there that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

i'm getting an assitant! come july 1st, esbaby will be hiring its first ever assistant. her name is morgan and she'll be working with me part time to take care of some of the non-sewing aspects of my business [bookkeeping, taxes, web work, etc]. i can't tell you how pleased i am about this. by having her here helping me, i will be able to focus myself 100% on sewing and pattern design, and not entering information into quickbooks! yay! as always, i will be the first line of communication when it comes to customer service, because i feel responsible for every diaper that leaves my sewing room. and i will be doing all the sewing, too, of course.

that's pretty much it for now. i recently finished up some pretty cute custom orders, so check them out on my flickr page. beyond that, happy cloth diapering my fellow friends! more updates to follow.


  1. All sorts of excitement! So fantastic that you are getting an assistant.

    Can't wait to see those one-sizes :)
    (And we're very excited about our order!)

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with for OS. Yay for you about the asst too...I bet that takes a weight off your shoulders!