Sunday, January 9, 2011

we're opening for customs and making some changes!

we've been closed for customs for quite some time as i've been stocking the store and working on some really large orders that i've had over the past couple of months. today, i am opening for custom orders! just a few things about customs:

1. this is the last time we will be offering sized diapers on a custom order basis. i am overhauling my site and will from now on only be offering newborn, size 1, size 2 and one size diapers. i will still be offering size small sets through etsy, but beyond that, we will be phasing the sizes out [unless there is a huge outcry for sized diapers]. i'm pretty sure sized covers will always be available, unless we find that there isn't a huge demand for them. then the covers will be the same size as the diapers we offer.

2. i am only opening for customs for two days. i have two large wholesale orders that i have to work on and don't want to take in too much work. that typically leads to unhappy customers. orders will be finished in the order they were received AND paid for. if you place an order and cannot pay until later, that's fine - but paid orders will be worked on first. first come, first served, so please get your orders in soon if you want your diapers soon. tell your friends if you know they want to get a custom spot so they're able to get in. it will be at least a month before i open again. maybe longer.

3. custom orders typically take 3-4 weeks to complete. orders that are received quickly will go out quickly. sometimes in less than a week. lots of time, within the same week if they are smaller orders. if you have a question about where your order falls, please email me.

4. if you're looking for size 1 or size 2 diapers and don't see them on my customs site, it's because they're not there yet. if you want these diapers in any form [fitted/lights out/AIO], i can definitely make them for you. i just haven't had the time to get the buttons made and all the info added to the site. please email me at and don't worry about the first come, first serve. i will take your email [if you say you can pay immediately after working out details] as an order, and will place it accordingly in the custom order list.

5. one size covers will still be available but gussets will be an additional charge because they are a LOT more work than i had thought they would be.

6. see all those pages of swatches? they won't be there the next time around. swatches will be broken into two categories. the good ones, and the ones that are limited [meaning limited quantities and you'll have to pick a back-up from the regular swatches]. and some of them will be gone completely. so if you see something you love, order it now, for it may not return when the store is done being overhauled.

7. we will be offering a new quick dry all in two, so this is the last time you'll be able to order the current type. if you have quick dry all in twos from previous orders, you will always be able to order those inserts by contacting me directly.

please note:
items that you've seen in my instock etsy store that say "special edition" are just that. there will be no more diapers available in that print or fabric choice as i've used whatever print/fabric i have left in those special edition diapers. i know a lot of people have had a lot of interest in the olive colored newborn diapers on my site. if you want those diapers at that price, please buy them now as there will not be any available in the foreseeable future.

esbasic diapers will always be a white knit outer with your choice of color for snaps and serging. organic esbasic diaper sets will always be a layer of hemp/organic sherpa with a mix soaker with your choice of color for snaps and serging.

if you want something with a print, you will need to order the regular esfitted diapers. what's the difference between esbasics and esfitteds? esbasic diapers come with a white knit outer, sherpa inner and are topped with velour. the soaker is sewn together, 3 layers of sherpa and is not topped with velour and is not a quick dry soaker. esfitteds come with a print of your choice. they have a sherpa inner and are topped with velour. the soaker is quick-dry, meaning it is sewn down the middle and flaps open for super fast drying times. it is also topped with soft velour.

i think that's all i have to cover! any questions, please email me. thanks everyone!

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