Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"hello, baby!" custom sets listed on etsy!

hello everyone!

i've had a few requests to do my "welcome home, baby!" sets in bigger sizes, so now is your chance to buy these reduced price sets. i am only going to offer a couple in each size, so get them while you can! [that link takes you to the mediums, but there are med long and larges in stock as well].

each set comes with 6 esbasic diapers and 3 lights out covers. esbasics are made of a white knit outer, hidden layer of sherpa, which is topped with natural cotton velour in the diaper body. the soaker is a 3 layer sherpa soaker that snaps into the diaper body for fast drying times and longer diaper life. lights out covers are composed of an outer colored layer of PUL and an inner layer of white PUL. all bound with white fold over elastic. snaps, thread and PUL colors are [as always] made to match the diapers.

you pick color scheme [gender neutral, boy, gir] and front or side snapping for the diapers and covers. i will choose what colors will go into the set. just let me know if there are any colors you want to avoid when ordering.


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