Friday, July 24, 2009

large wetbags and some order picture

large wetbags are big. they can hold about three days worth of diapers, maybe more depending on the diaper size. they measure 14" across the top and 32" down. i designed these bags for people who, if they've just done diaper laundry, want to use their large wetbags for outings. the bag folds up in half from the bottom and snaps into the top of the bag near the zipper essentially turning it into a med/large wetbag. then when you get home, you can unsnap it and keep filling it. or if you're on vacation, you can start using the bag snapped up while out and when you get to where you're staying, unsnap it and hang it from a hook. the bag folds up completely to about the size of my hand for storage. here are some pictures of the bag in action. this design isn't new. i've been making large wetbags in this way since 2006. and because these bags are so big, this is why i ask that everyone email me before they place an order with the whatever fabric it is that you want. these take up almost an entire yard of print fabric. now, on to the pictures!

esbaby large wetbag, folded up

large esbaby wetbag handle

large esbaby wetbag snapped up

large esbaby wetbag, unsnapped

large esbaby wetbag, PUL & zipper

here are some pictures from some orders i finished up:

5 14" super cloth pads, flannel

5 14" super esbaby cloth pads

a set of large front snapping covers

a set of large front snapping eswrapping covers

and some NB QDAI2s

newborn all in twos


  1. I'm loving the large wetbag! It would be great to use on our vacation in August! I just might have to get one! :)

  2. I love that wetbag print. Super cute!

  3. I HAVE to have one of those wetbags!! How much are they?