Friday, May 22, 2009

a non-esbaby giveaway, but a fantastic one nonetheless!

esbaby will be having some review/giveaways coming up in the month of june, but i just wanted to pass this along for anyone who is interested in 'and such is life' diapers, commonly seen as ASIL on the message boards, etc. breeze, from ASIL is offering a $175 gift certificate for custom diapers, clothing, pretty much everything she makes.

details from her site:
Something exciting! We are giving away 2 $175 gift certificates for ...And such is life custom goods. That counts for clothes, diapers, etc.
There are two ways to be eligible. You can do one or both but doing both is the only way to be eligible for EACH gift certificate.

The first is simply signing up at (or already being a member!) and having 25 posts.

The second is promote on your blog, journal, a community, etc. Anywhere you promote the board is good for one entry. (email a link to your promotion to

As a bonus anyone that signs up and lists you as their 'referred by' will get you an extra entry! There is no limit to how many entries you can get this way but each user must have at least ten posts and you must have at least 25.

There is also a contest already going on for $25 frog mama gift certificates. You can be eligible for both contests! Cloth Love has a lot more contests planned just like this so it's not a bad place to be a member of ;).

here is the link to the giveaway.

so go enter quick, before time is up! i think it's ending at the end of the month.

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