Friday, March 6, 2009

oh, customs!

not that i'm preparing to do any soon or anything - i just thought since my last post i could talk a little about why customs are important, and pretty damn awesome, if i say so myself. i was in a coffee shop earlier this week and a woman came up to me and said "oh, i love your gloves." and i said, "oh yeah. i had someone make these for me." 

"i had someone make these for me."

how freakin' cool is that? even in this world of mass-production and mass-consumption we're still able to get back to our roots. now i'm not going to get into a history lesson here or anything, but to be able to reach out to people [via the internet, or however you choose to communicate with the world] and have people with a certain skill hand make you whatever suits your fancy is pretty nice, indeed. same goes for cloth diapers. customs means no-holds barred. you pick the print. the material the diaper is made out of [hemp, cotton, etc]. you can choose the color snaps or serging thread, if you want. so you have a child that needs a longer rise or larger waist? never a problem with custom orders. i've had customers email me after placing an order to say "hey, do you think you could add a couple of inches to the waist this time?" i've had people send exact measurements that they want the waist and rise of the diaper to be. some people like trimmer diapers, some people like more coverage between the thighs. some people want sherpa/hemp soakers, some people want all organic sherpa diapers without a print on the outside. 

so while doing instock things gives makes me happy to be sewing, i still derive pleasure from giving people what they want. for dipping back into my 15th century roots and producing something with my two hands that someone will use and possibly pass down more than once.

try doing that with a disposable diaper.

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