Wednesday, March 25, 2009

esbaby site finally up!

hello everyone!

well, all of the custom bag slots sold out, which is great. i've already have some of the fabrics come in that people have sent me to make their bags, and i'm excited to get my hands on them.

also, in big news, my website is finally up and running! i contacted this wonderful woman who plugged all of the graphics i had created for my site, into my site so that it would look exactly how i wanted to. i'm ecstatic to have my store back again - and you know what that means - can finally start taking custom orders again [as soon as i get those swatches pages back up!] the only "problem" i've had is picking which banner i like the best. here are the four samples i designed [i think if you click on them they'll get bigger]:

so let me know what you think. right now i'm using the bottom one, but that can change at any time. there may be a few things here and there that need adjusting as i get used to the new site, but i'll work out the kinks, if there are any, as they come.

my sewing studio is looking more awesome by the minute, and i think some pictures are in order soon.

hope this semi-spring wednesday is finding everyone well. and thanks to everyone who bought custom bags. i think they'll be done by the weekend, and pictures will, of course, follow!

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