Wednesday, March 4, 2009

in-stock vs. customs: the psychological breakdown

reasons why i like doing in-stock items as opposed to customs:

when i make things for my in-stock store, i get the chance to make different things, but i also am able to use fabrics and other materials i wouldn't be able to use when i open for custom orders. vintage buttons, rare prints, different accessories [like custom designed wetbags, etc] are all things that won't happen with customs. i like to ask my customers what they want to see in each in-stock stocking - not just so that i can sell things that i'd think sell - but to make those things using different prints, etc, that one normally may have overlooked in the swatches list for customs - or so that i can use more expensive prints that i'd only save for times when it feels that i'm making a piece of art. i put a lot of myself into everything i make, but there's something special about getting excited at what is about to go up on sale - that you just put your heart and soul into. 

so i guess for me, making items to stock immediately is an art, opening up for customs is a trade.  and in order for me to enjoy what i'm doing, i have to keep an equal balance between the two.

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