Tuesday, February 1, 2011

any graphic designers out there want some free diapers?

hi all-
i am currently working on changing the look of the store and logo in my down-time from working on some orders. and because i have almost zero down-time, i'm making a call out to anyone who likes to design these sorts of things to come up with some fresh and new for esbaby. i have a few things mocked up myself, but would love to see what someone with a fresh pair of eyes comes up with. i'll be reviewing submissions and whatever one i like, or decide to go with will receive a $100 in store credit. you can use the credit for anything instock in my etsy store or any custom order for any items - not limited to just diapers. you can email me at christine{!@}esbaby.net with your submissions. i'll keep the offer open until march 1st and will post a blog entry when the winner is announced. feel free to email me with any questions about the design [colors, look of the design, etc], or just have it and see what you can come up with.


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