Wednesday, December 16, 2009

they're here!

hi everyone!

i just got done listing 13 one size quick dry all in ones on etsy - both side and front snapping. these are made from the same pattern as our fitted pattern, so the fit is the same. the side snapping diapers are great because you can adjust the thigh and waist for a perfect fit. there are 5 rows of snaps on the wings of the side snapping diapers, allowing even the smallest of babies to have a snug fit.

here are some photos of how the side snapping diapers snap up and down for each size:

extra small:




there are some great color combinations up right now. my personal fave is the yellow and grey. looove. you can also order your own color combinations from my store. if you have any questions or comments about our one size diapers, please feel free to contact me. thanks!

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