Monday, January 18, 2010

a note about the trimness of our one size fitteds

we are going to start offering trim fit one size fitted diapers. when i started testing our one size diapers, i had made a pattern that was trim between the legs and through the back. through testing, though, i found that some people preferred total and full coverage across the back and between the legs - being as all children are built differently. so now when ordering a custom one size diaper you can choose trim or regular fit. regular fit diapers are the ones that have been most recently sold. trim fit diapers are cut 1" trimmer on each side of the legs, through the legs and up the back. this would be best for long and lean babies. some people prefer this over total coverage. if your baby is on the larger size, i would suggest going with the regular fit.

another note about the one size diapers: some people have said to me that their children are usually on the largest setting of most one size diapers, but have it snapped down to the medium setting on mine. there is a reason for this. when testing, the biggest concern was that most of the one size diapers out there only fit up to a medium or medium long. this frustrated many people - as they thought their one size diaper would last through their entire cloth diapering venture. my diapers were designed to fit a true large at the largest setting. i believe all one size diapers should be made this way, so that people don't have to buy a large diaper if they've already purchased a one-size. that is the point of buying a one-size after all!

when choosing custom OS true or QDAIOs, i would suggest getting only PUL outers. i have sold many, many, many front and side snapping sized QDAIOs without wicking problems, but some people run into problems with wicking when it comes to these diapers. it's totally a personal preference. there is a disclaimer on each page now - so now you buy prints for these diapers at your own risk.

one size diaper covers are coming soon, with gussets. i'll be making some up soon and getting them posted.

later on this week i will post a "trim" OS fitted comparison to a "regular" OS fitted. if you've purchased one size fitteds in the past and like the fit, then stick with regular fit. if you'd like something trimmer, then choose the trim fit.

thanks everyone!

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  1. I am probably in the minority here, but I am in LOVE with the fullness of your OS fitteds, because I know that nothing is going to escape.
    And now I have to go put a diaper back on my little strip artist.