Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new OS diapers listed on etsy!

hi everyone!

i just listed some GREAT print one size fitted diapers on etsy. i'm totally in love with the joel dewberry deer prints, so i made sure to buy some in each colorway. if you see a print that you really love and want something else made from it, please email me. i'll be happy to do it as long as i have enough. i don't have a lot of these fabrics left, so first come first serve.

these diapers are made from cotton woven prints, so they'll fit slightly bigger through the legs and i've added a little length to the wings as well - make up for the lack of stretch in the print.

also, i've had a few custom orders this past week and i'm happy to say that with each custom over we've received, we've been able to cut and sew it in the SAME DAY and get it shipped the next day. that turnaround time is as fast as instock items, so don't hold back!

coming up next are some more newborn sets and likely some more one size fitteds. also, i'm currently testing a quick dry all in one, one size - if that turns out well, i'll be stocking those soon as well. below is a picture of the AIO one size.

thanks for reading!


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  1. To everyone who hasn't bought any yet -- get some! They are fantastic!