Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bamboo velour and 'diapering on a budget' diapers!

we now can offer bamboo velour! it's being added to the site today, so check back often if you want your custom diapers/pads lined with it. i'll also be getting some bamboo fleece and will offer an organic/sustainable diaper very soon.

also, we're going to start offering "diapering on a budget" diapers. [still trying to think of a better name - any suggestions?] all sherpa diapers, no outer print, at a reduced rate. newborns will be front or side snapping, other sizes will be side snapping. different serging colors for different sizes. newborns will start at $7 a piece, while all other sizes will be $10 a piece. i'll post again when that happens. totally excited over here at esbaby!

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